Limited Edition, hand-signed copy of Unprotected Treks. Available for shipping inside Australia only (sorry).


"I thought, maybe, this wasn't going to be great for my health. But what am I? A doctor?"


Sex, drugs and unbridled stupidity? We’ve got it all, baby!


From negotiations with gun-wielding drug-dealers to near-death experiences throughout the Third World—lost teeth, brain injuries, jail, schizophrenia, robberies, and more sex than one could deem necessary—these are the unfiltered, unbelievably true adventures of one lone idiot, as he travels the world by the very definition of the word “poorly.”


Will there be nudity? You bet. Good decisions? Not one. Stories you wish you'd never heard? Oh, you better believe your sweet baby Jesus. All you need is to leave your conscience at the door and jump into the passenger seat. It's going to be a wild f**king ride. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself along the way…


And that’ll say more for you than it did for him.


Unprotected Treks—Signed Hardcopy (Australia only)

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